Our History

The Farm Dairy Company was established in 1994 in the capital of Jordan, Amman; by the businessman Ahmed Barraq Walid Shaka’a. The company specialized since then in the production of dairy products such as cheese and Yoghurt from highest quality and best equipped Jordanian milk farms, using the best and freshest ingredients.  

It is of our pride to be the exclusive suppliers and the leading source of fresh white cheeses and dairy delicacies for the main key accounts in Jordan. Some of the reasons for our success and leadership in what we do are that The Farm Dairy excels at making the best kinds of fresh dairy products without adding artificial additives or flavors, as well as the great quality of services we offer our customers, the continuity and of this excellent service and the consistency of our products which we have provided throughout the years.

The reason behind our success

The Great Taste of Nature! It’s the taste we are almost lacking these days, the taste of nature without artificial additives and modifications.

Here at The Farm Dairy Company; we guarantee fresh, delicious and healthy products, for you and your family, where everyone can enjoy the taste of quality and nature in Labaneh, a wide variety of White Cheeses, Yoghurt, Shaneenah and much more, made from fresh milk which arrives from local farms daily.

The Farm & Your Health

Make your family breakfast a daily habit

Invest in your health and make having a healthy balanced diet; a daily habit to you and your family. Start your day with the right types of food that will give your body and brain a boost of energy that will last throughout the day. It was scientifically proven that a healthy balanced breakfast will decrease the chances of getting chronic diseases and promotes longevity and good health (if God may will). A healthy breakfast has proven to increase awareness, levels of concentration, as well as increases the levels of satisfaction, productivity, creativity and control over emotions.   

A healthy breakfast should provide you with a third of your daily calorie intake, The Farm Dairy Company provides you with a wide range of dairy products to enrich your daily breakfast.

International Standards of Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the most important aspects for any product, especially if it was a food product!  We ensure at The Farm Dairy that each individual package is developed under strict quality standards which guarantee a high quality product to our customers; we are always working on further developing our products to ensure our customers content and satisfaction.

The Farm Dairy Teams work hand in hand and in a family spirit to provide the best products to your family, and it is because we appreciate our customers that we concentrate on the tiniest details and ensure on using the best and freshest ingredients for all our products.

Our philosophy is based on ensuring the highest quality levels, and therefore we apply the latest management systems and best practices. The Farm Dairy Company was certified in 2012 with the ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System). All Production lines at the company follow the Jordanian Standards and Metrology which also conform to the terms of the American Foundation for Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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